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The application is delivered in a compressed zip file. Uncompress this file into a directory and that's that. Double click the file named 'EmlViewer.exe' to start the application.

The application does not alter the registry or otherwise impact the operating system (beyond performing its visible functions).


Delete the directory where you unzipped the file.


Once the application has started, drag and drop 'eml' files into the region entitled 'Drop Zone'. Doing this will add the item to the summary panel below the 'Drop Zone'.

Folders that contain 'eml' files can also be dropped.

To view any item, double-click it. This will open the item in a separate window. The window can be closed using the standard Windows framework (i.e., click the red 'x').

File Associations (Windows 8)

A file association means that Windows Explorer knows what to do when you double click the file. Using a file association also means you do not have to drag-and-drop your eml files. Setting up a file association in Windows 8 is roughly the same as it has been in previous operating systems. There are 4 steps.

The first step is to locate any 'eml' file in Windows Explorer. See the image below...

Right click on any 'eml' file to raise a context menu and select 'Open with...'

When the next window appears, there is a check box to indicate if you want your association to be permanent. Click it for a permanent association (as shown), or leave it blank for a one-time association. Once you have made your selection, click the bottom item 'More options'.

When the next window appears, there is a selection at the bottom entitled, 'Look for another app on this PC'. Select it (shown below). This will take you to a standard Windows selection where you can navigate to 'EmlViewer.exe' and select it.

To remove the association, simply repeat the process and select another viewer. You also have the opportunity to browse the Windows Store and see other applications that may be more suitable for you.

Main Menu

Not all of the menu selections are enabled. They were placed in order to complete the layout process and they anticipate activation in future releases.

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